Exploring the Duoro River region of Portugal

Portugal is an amazing country with its lively port cities of Lisbon and Porto, its spectacular hillside vineyards, producers of the world famous Port wine, flowing down to the meandering Duoro river, and its dramatic southern coast reflecting the waves rolling in from the Atlantic.  But its the people, warm, friendly and inviting that really make this small country a gem; one can enjoy the sounds of the Portugese music, Fado heard often in the background, and enjoy sharing a meal of freshly caught fish with the locals.  This is a place with a deep history; a place showcasing architectural wonders clad in beautiful tile work, and a place that blends the old with the new seamlessly. 

Our itinerary will have us arriving in Porto, located along the lowest part of the Duoro river as it meets the sea. Over the course of our stay we’ll have the opportunity to explore the city by e-bike, via streetcar trams, and on foot. Most importantly, the pulse of this vibrant city will leave each of us with a sense of its culture, people, and traditions. Perhaps we’ll have the chance to listen to the mellow rhythms of Fado, the soul of Portuguese musica suitable accompaniment to the local cuisine.

Departing Porto we'll head east to the start of our paddling trip destination, the Douro River Valley. Here along the river’s steep banks we’ll find the terraced vineyards that supply the world with Portugal’s namesake libation Port wine. Look forward to paddling, hiking, and driving from the mountainous border with Spain to the coastal city of Porto. On the way we will stay at various Quintas, (winery sponsored hotels), agriturismos, and family run inns as we head down river. This will be the highlight of our visit, a fitting conclusion to our travels. It will be a fun and flexible trip with lots of interaction with the locals too.  Space is limited so don’t delay if this catches your fancy!


Enjoy some photos from one of our trips to Portugal.



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