Level 4 - Open Water Coastal Kayak

Instructor Development Workshop

June 9 - 11, 2017

$375 per person.

Instructor Certification Exam (ICE)

July 1 - 3, 2017

$375 per person. 

Register for both the IDW and ICE and receive a 10% discount. Price includes ACA Instructional Manual and other course materials.

Please note that you must have taken an IDW within the past year to enroll in this course. 

Location: Orrs Island, Maine

The American Canoe Association offers a comprehensive coastal kayak program for all levels of paddlers, from novices to aspiring instructors. The course is designed to prepare and evaluate you, the instructor candidate, on your readiness to be an instructor at the Open Water level (Level 4). At this level, you will be assessed not only on calm waters but also in most conditions that an instructor will most likely encounter on open-water. These conditions include 2-3 foot seas, 1-2 knot current, 15-20 knot winds and 2-3 foot surf. You must possess competency in these conditions with your own skills in order for the instructor trainers to feel you are ready and able to safely handle a group of students in similar conditons, should the weather suddenly change.

The course is taught in two different formats:
Format 1 (IDW/ICE combination): This is a two-part approach with each part of the course being separated by at least two weeks so potentiatl candidates have time to work on any of their deficient skills. The two parts are called the IDW (Instructor Development Workshop) and the ICE (Instructor Certification Exam).

Format 2 (ICW): This is a combined course incorporating the IDW and ICE into a 6 day course. Generally speaking, a candidate should feel quite comfortable with their paddling, teaching and leadership skills if they want to obtain certification at the completion of this week.

The courses include both classroom and on-water time. You will receive coaching on your own personal skills, have opportunities to teach both in the classroom and on the water, and manage groups. Candidates will receive coaching and feedback on personal paddling skills, teaching skills, group management, leadership skills, and knowledge of the environment. At the end of the IDW, candidates will receive individual feedback in each of these areas which will help direct them to those areas they need to improve upon prior to the ICE. In the ICW, candidates will meet briefly with Instructor Trainers halfway through the course to get some feedback on how they are performing in the various categories. With this feedback in mind, candidates will then need to demonstrate proficiency in these areas during the latter part of the week in which they will be getting evlauated.

Please note that the ICE and the ICW are both evaluative courses and upon completion of these courses instructor candidates could receive certification as a Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 instructor, they could fail the course, or they could be delayed in receiving certification due to a minor deficiency that can readily be corrected.

*In addition to the course fee you will need to join the ACA ($40 yearly membership) and show proof of current CPR/First Aid. Contact the ACA directly at http://www.americancanoe.org to enroll as a member.The American Canoe Association program for Coastal Kayaking offers individuals the opportunity to become an Instructor at five different levels of certfication:

Level 1 -Introduction to Kayaking
Level 2 -Essential of Kayak Touring
Level 3 -Coastal Kayaking
Level 4 -Open Water Coastal Kayaking
Level 5 -Advanced Open Water Coastal Kayaking.

Each level is more complex and includes a level of difficulty and skills proportionally more advanced. Instructors may teach preceding levels, including Intro to Kayak and Quickstart courses.

Level 3 & 4 Instructor Development Workshop (IDW)