...sitting in the cockpit of your stable expedition-style sea kayak... sounds of the sea, gulls calling overhead, the line of the horizon crystal clear in the distance... this is an adventure of a lifetime. You'll  be leaving the stressful life behind, as you paddle toward a goal that is simple and straight-forward. The workload is invigorating and never burdensome. The accomplishment is the satisfaction in realizing your physical potential and is shared with your special group of friends and fellow adventurers.  Your reward at the end of the day is simple: a hearty meal around the campfire or the luxury of a hot shower followed by the gustatory delights of the region you are visiting.  This is sea kayaking at its best, an individual endeavor that you will never forget.  We'd like to invite you to our world of adventurous travel!

We not only shape, form, and sculpt itineraries, but offer paddlers more than just the singularity of paddling.  We meet the people, we get local with the places, and we begin to learn about the things that make each destination important within the global context.

Our destinations are selected with a purpose. Their significance holds cultural, historical, or personal value and more often than not provides our clients with a complete understanding and appreciation whose yield is a place of permanence, it's more than a visit.

Most importantly, H2Outfitters does not sub-contract its trips to other guide services. Cathy and Jeff personally conduct exploratory trips with select staff members prior to the public offering of the departure. There are usually three H2O staffers, one of whom may be a native of the region, which allows us to integrate seamlessly into the new world we visit and explore.  We "Get-Off-the-Bus", so to speak, our adventures take us down the less traveled pathways, waterways, and roadways. We could very well end up sipping tea in the home an acquaintance, welcomed into the kitchen of a local Inn, or given a private tour of a winery or historic location. Our product development team often comes across unique and localized product and sometimes returns with these treasures to offer to our friends back home.  You too can find hidden treasures and can make lasting friendships, after all, what is the point of travel than to develop commerce, friendships, and share in this "splendid exchange".




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