Most kayakers find themselves, at some point or other, putting in [surfing] or taking out at a beach where there are breakers. Being able to paddle safely through a surf zone requires good paddling skills and an understanding of beach dynamics. Timing is everything and, as your skills and experience in the surf increase you can decide if you want to paddle in between the waves or try to catch a ride. Whatever your goal is we will guide you on your way to discovering the techniques, timing, and skills required for safely entering and exiting the surf zone. Practice your bracing skills and boat leans as you ride the wave into shore and then quickly carve back out over the wave to catch some more. Before long, you'll be addicted and the adrenaline will be surging.



 July 8 or Aug. 5

Private dates can be made with advanced notice.

Time: 10am-3pm
Group rate (based on 3 or more people) $125 per person
Semi-private rate (2 people) $165 per person
Private rate (1 person) $300

We provide the kayaks (whitewater boats), paddles, sprayskirts, wetsuits, helments, and PFDs. Bring a lunch, lots of water, towel, sunscreen, hat witha visor to wear under helmet, bathing suit, footwear, synthetic top to wear beneath the wetsuit, and a paddling jacket.