Join us for this comprehensive paddling series that begins in a heated pool and finishes up with a day on the open water.  The pool enviroment is great for making those mistakes.  For the beginner there is a thorough exploration of kayaking.  Lots of time will be spent making sure that students are comfortable in the boat and in the water by doing wet exits; working on the strokes that are necessary for going forward, turning, and moving sideways; learning the koves that help prevent a capsize; discovering how to rescue oneself or another paddler in the event of a capsize; and finally students will coalesce all of tehse skills into an Eskimo Roll. The expereinced paddler will move through the strokes with an eye towards honing existing skills and making them as efficient as possible.  It is all too easy to lapse into bad habits, and without a personal coach, often you don't even know that you have lowered your own technical standard - why do you think the best athletes and olympians have coaches?

With this strong foundation of paddling skills learned in the pool, participants then spend a full day on the ocean applying what they learned in real conditions and learning how to deal with variables such as wind, waves, tides and currents.

Even for those of you who just want to learn to roll, this is the best approach.  The name "paddling SERIES" was chosen because of its aptness to the program.  Kayaking is really just a "series" of strokes, concepts, and techniques that are all bound together by several common elements, all of which come together in the Eskimo Roll.  It's a lot easier to orient the body, arm, and paddle positions right side up and then take it upside down!


2016 Dates

Choose a Weekend:
April 9 & 10
April 30 & May 1
May 7 & 8

Choose a Full day:
June 11, 12, 18
Saturdays:  3:30-6:30pm
Sundays: 10am-1pm

$250 per person
Price includes use of kayaks and gear and a comprehensive program designed to ensure your success
Pool Sessions: Riverton Community Center, Portland, Maine

Open Water Sessions:  H2Outiftters, Orrs Island, Maine