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Discover the Magic of Venice at Christmas time

Discover the Magic of Venice at Christmas time

“There is a city, that sits between two cobalt blues…one the sea and the other the sky”. *

If words could describe a picture, these words of Diego Volari set the stage for any visitor to the wondrous city of Venice. Volari was a poet, a Latinist and native son of the Veneto region and his love and passion for the region persevered and showed a light to the dark times of WWII and brought life back to the region during the post-war period of the late 40s.

The Venice of today has changed and yet its foundations remain the same. Come with us this holiday season and learn the city’s secrets, discover something new, and enjoy the possibilities.


Disembark from your private water taxi at the steps of a bespoke accommodation in the Cannaregio district, a boat ride of only 20 minutes from the airport for a VIP. The hotel’s managing director waiting to greet you at the landing. An unimposing facade stands before you set amongst its similarly attired neighbors. A step back in time, when such camouflage deceptively hid the luscious depths of Venice’s canal front palazzos.

Back in the day a traveller was welcomed at the hearth. Those who wandered the world always had a story to share or a tale to be told. And yet today travelers have become tourists.  This will be a traveler’s adventure. Our plan is to take the time to sit, to listen, and to watch the goings on around us. The tourists will be gone. The Venetians will be heard conversing in the dialect of their city, voices echoing through the narrow alleys and across the city’s streets; waterways known the world over. This is the Venice once imagined and, at once, the Venice of today. Join us; this will be a unique adventure for H2Outfitters and you are invited.

Our base of operations is located in the northernmost ring of canals in the district, or sestiere, of Cannaregio. Venice is segmented into 6 sestieri. These are districts or neighborhoods and Cannaregio is perhaps the least touristy and quite authentic from the day-to-day perspective of Venetian life. On an afternoon walk you might bump into one of the hotel staff on the way to work, enjoy a brief chat, and in some small way begin to feel like part of the cultural tapestry that is Venice.

The canals are traversed by countless footbridges which provide ambulatory access to the the treasures this island city holds in store for those willing to search. Together the flowing canals and this connecting network of bridges provide the warp and weft of the Venetian fabric weaving a pattern that spans the ages.

Please consider jumping on board, December 9 -18, 2019. H2Outfitters is offering a very special inclusive adventure which provides:

  • 4 Star accommodation for 9 nights in Venice

  • 2 independent days on your own,( your chance to discover and explore without your guides!) *

  • Travel costs and meals in country and a few gustatory surprises!

  • Day trips to Verona, Vicenza, Padua & possibly Lake Garda

* Group members are responsible for meals and related costs

As always on our exploratory adventures, it is the leadership that sets us apart. Chief driver, global positioning specialist and Head Honcho at H2Outfitters, Cathy Piffath, will be our indomitable

leader. Riding shotgun will be H2O’s Assistente Indispensabile, Giulia De Boni, whose intimate knowledge of the customs, dialects and history of the Veneto region only adds to her indispensability. Giulia serves as our translator as well and if you can’t quite pronounce that delectable selection on the menu she is always there to step in with the right accent and correct inflection to make sure you order the cinghiale steak instead of the foot of the pig! Struggling to keep up, H2O’s Director of Fun, Jeff Cooper, is usually in the sweep position making sure he is the only straggler in the group! These three form a great team to get you through almost any situation and they always keep an eye out for that unique place to stop and enjoy the panorama before you. You can be sure that they will find that narrow alley that holds some hidden architectural treasure to be admired or just a quiet spot to sit and have a cool drink or a Cappucino in the afternoon.

Date: December 9-18 2019

Price: $6900 per person 

December 9-18, 2019

PRICING  (all pricing is based on double occupancy; singles add $400)

ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICING * As noted under What H2Outfitters provides

  • $6,900. per person based on double occupancy; singles add $400

*Price is subject to change due to currency fluctuations

Not included: 
• International airfare
• Travel insurance
• Any transportation outside the realm of the itinerary
• Alcohol and snacks 

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