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5-day Skills Immersion Camping Trip


A 5-day Skills-based Camping Trip

This will be a true Maine island experience as we explore the many islands in the Harpswell region of the coast of Maine during this adventure. The group will literally be immersed in all aspects of the skills necessary to enjoy an offshore kayak excursions safely. From low impact skills around camp to the best ways to evaluate gear and equipment you will need on the water, this will become more than just a workshop experience but an adventure.

Over the five day period you will have the opportunity to refine and develop paddling skills from stroke work to group management on the water. There will be plenty of “wet work” too where you’ll have the chance to experience open water rescue scenarios in real and varied conditions. You’ll come way with some functional technical skills that don’t rely on daring-do or showy maneuvers. In addition, there will be some great outdoor culinary tips that you can take home for a future excursion, and other invaluable tips for enjoying an island experience responsibly. Most likely we will experience Maine’s foggy weather, but even if we don’t you will be learning navigation skills gaining the confidence to do it the old fashion way with a chart and a compass, no GPS necessary. A great competency development week on the water.

Areas to be Covered

•Low impact camping skills - including cooking tips, packaging tips, site selection, etc.
•Gear and equipment
•Navigation skills
•Trip Planning and route selection
*Group management
•Understanding wind, waves, tides & currents and learning techniques to help you manage your kayak when encountering these conditions
•On-water skills development to include strokes & maneuvers; rescues; towing; judgement
•Learn how to improvise in a variety of situations
•How to deal with an emergency situation

Dates: July 2-6, 2018  (NEW DATE!)

Location: Harpswell, Maine

Cost: $695 per person with your own kayak; $795 with use of an H2O kayak

Price includes camp meals beginning with lunch on day one and finishing with breakfast on final day.

Earlier Event: May 6
Later Event: July 9
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