Plan to get wet in this 2 hour class! We'll begin with a quick explanation of basic rescue equipment and then jump right in with the rescues. First we'll start with some assisted rescues where you'll learn techniques to empty a kayak full of water and then to stabilize it so your [instruction1] buddy can climb back in. After you've had a chance to try variations on the assisted rescue, we'll move on to self rescues. Throughout the course you'll gain an appreciation for and understanding of the value of your paddling skills and how they relate to rescues. If your strokes are solid, you can prevent many a capsize. However, if you do capsize, it is these same solid strokes that will enable you to perform an efficient rescue.

2016 Dates

Thursdays, beginning June 4th through Sept. 3rd, 2016

Time: 1:00-3:00pm
Group rate (based on 3 or more people) $50 per person
Semi-private rate (2 people) $75 per person
Private rate (1 person) $150